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Thank you friends.

I want to thank everyone who was kind enough to make introductions to companies/people for opportunities.
After talking to various companies, I am joining Spokeo as a data scientist to analyze their dataset.

I intentionally didn’t find a job after my last employment(well, at least partially). It was a great experiment for me to try breaking out of a financial comfort zone. I wouldn’t say that I succeeded but it was good enough to make me realize that “what I do STILL defines a large part of my identity”.

I hope to try this again and someday, I will learn how to “embrace the uncertainty!”

Again, thank you everyone for this valuable lesson. =)

iTunes Korean Translation

I finally got an iPhone 4 today and was syncing my phone to get my backup.
Despite the fact that iPhone became pretty popular in South Korea, I saw this weird translation from English to Korean.

Apple should pay attention to translations! “이따금”(occasionally in English) is rarely used by actual Koreans! If you can’t find a good Korean translator, I can recommend you some.

Hello world!

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to make my personal blog for awhile and finally succeed.

I will be posting various tops in technology especially in software development, entrepreneurship, and startups.

Hope you enjoy.